Top 5 Best Bread Toasters In India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

Whenever we hear the name toaster, automatically popping up of bread, getting late for office or school is what comes to our mind, right! Who doesn’t enjoy a hot, crispy butter toast in the morning! A glass of orange juice to complement your breakfast well. The best bread toaster in India 2020 is what you are right now looking for!

If you think toaster means in the bread goes and out it pops, then wait you are mistaken. With technology changing its face every now and then, there are various things to be considered while purchasing a pop-up toaster. 

A crispy, crusty and healthy treat for yourself or your family members every morning adds on to happiness and smiles. Bring these correct fibres, carbohydrates and proteins treat to your home after going on through this reviewing guidebook. 

Note: With choices comes the essential features which one must not forget to look out for. So, at the end, we have mentioned a detailed buying guide to help you further select the best one.

Pop Up ToasterSlotsBrowning SettingsCrumb TrayWattageWarrantyBuy
Philips Daily Collection HD2582/0028Yes8302 YearsCheck Price
Bajaj ATX 426Yes7502 YearsCheck Price
Morphy Richards AT-20127Yes6502 YearsCheck Price
Pigeon Auto Toaster26No7001 YearCheck Price
Cello Quick Pop Up 300 Toaster27Yes7001 YearCheck Price

5 Best Bread Toasters in India 2020 – Reviews

1. Philips Daily Collection HD2582/00

Do I even need to introduce this brand? A big no! Crispy golden-brown toast every day with this compact toaster regardless of bread types. Elegantly designed to complement your kitchen well, Philips Pop Up Toaster is good for small-sized families. 

Key Features

  • 2 large slots for different sizes of bread
  • Cancel button to stop anytime you feel like
  • Equipped with integrated bun rack to warm your buns, pastries and rolls easily
  • Toast different types of bread easily with 8 types of browning settings and without burning your bread
  • Auto-shut off protection to prevent any kind of short circuits and fire
  • Comes with high lift feature to remove the small pieces of bread
  • Comes with removable bread crumb tray which is easy to clean as well
  • Consumes 830-watt of power
  • Has a warranty of 2-years on the product



  • The pop-up toasting function needs little improvement

2. Bajaj ATX 4 Pop-up Toaster

A crisp start to the morning with Bajaj ATX 4 and prepare tasty, delicious breakfast. Have a look at the incredible features of this bread toaster which is easy to handle and equipped with the best and latest features.

Key Features

  • Capable of toasting 2 loaves of breads at a time, Bajaj ATX comes with 2 large variable slots
  • Comes with 6 adjustable browning settings to give you a wider option for your convenience
  • Consumes 750-watts of power, saving you from mounting electricity bills
  • Removable crumb tray which is easier to remove and clean
  • Reheat and defrost of cold pieces of breads, buns and others in one go
  • Auto-shutoff feature to not let the toast burn and also shutoff in case of emergencies
  • This pop-up bread toaster comes with a warranty of 2-years 



  • Body is not tightly assembled and is bit wobbly

3. Morphy Richards AT-201

A delicious start of the day with this best bread toaster in India which has now become part of many Indian households. This pop-up toaster serves as an efficient kitchen aid that gives out crispy, crusty toasts within few minutes. 

Key Features

  • Toast two slices of bread simultaneously without any hassles and save your time
  • It comes with 7 browning settings to give you wider options to add to the convenience
  • Consumes 650-watts of power for running efficiently
  • High lift lever removes the extra pieces easily, smoothly and safely
  • Cancel or stop button to stop the function of toaster suddenly
  • Removable and easy to collect and clean the crumb tray
  • It comes with 2-years of warranty on the product



  • After Sales services are not good

4. Pigeon Auto Toaster

Put an end to your daily struggle with pigeon auto toaster and transform those plain slices of bread into crispier, delicious toast. Add butter or Nutella and enjoy every bite of it. Let’s have a look at its notable features

Key Features

  • Comes with 2 large variable size slots to toasts 2 loaves of bread at a time
  • Equipped with 6 browning options to suit your taste buds in the morning
  • Consumes 700-watts of energy to work more efficiently
  • It has 1-year of warranty on the product



  • It has no bread crumb tray
  • After Sales service is not good

5. Cello Quick Pop Up 300 Toaster

Sleek and small this unit provides a greater experience of toasting with incredible features. Being the best bread toaster in India, small and large size families can now make crispier toasts every morning or even in the evening with Cello’s quick pop-up toaster. 

Key Features

  • Comes with 2 large variable size slots to toast 2 loaves of bread simultaneously. You can even fit buns, waffles and more
  • Equipped with 7 types of browning settings to let you control the brownness of the toast 
  • It has removable and easy to clean crumb tray at the bottom of the toaster
  • Cancel button to immediately stop the toasting of the bread
  • It comes with 1-year of manufacturer warranty on the products



  • Cannot defrost or reheat the food items as there are no extra buttons
  • Comes with a very short handle.

5 Best Bread Toasters in India 2020 – Buying Guide

When going to buy a toaster for your home how can you miss out on these amazing features and not buy a perfect appliance for your home? Depending on its features and capabilities one can bake, toast, reheat, or defrost the items. 

Have a look at the numerous features that makes a pop-up toaster the best bread toaster in India – 

Type of Toaster

There are three types of toaster available in the market: pop-up toaster, conveyer belt toaster, and toaster ovens to let you have a great snack time with your family members. 

The pop-up toaster is the most common device that you can see anywhere which performs the task when the switch is on and delivers crispier, brown bread accordingly. In this, the bread is inserted vertically and is the perfect pick for households. 

Conveyer Belt toaster is mainly used in cafes, restaurants and others. When the device is switched on, the heat is produced both, at top-bottom and the conveyer belt keeps on moving. As the bread moves at the end of the conveyer belt, it immediately falls and is ready to eat. 

Last but not the least, Toaster ovens are small electronic ovens that come with a front door just like in an oven, a wire rack and a detachable pan. With this device less in use nowadays, you can toast the top of loaves of bread like slices of garlic bread, cheese, and more. 

Number of Slots in Toaster

Considering the ideal size of a toaster that further determines the number of slots and how many slices of bread it can toast in one go. The standard-sized toaster comes with 2 large variable-sized slots for toasting 2 loaves of bread at a time. 

Whereas there are other models that come with 4 to 6 slots for buns, waffles, muffins, toast bagels and more. But 2 to 3 slots is well-suited for individuals to small-sized families. 

Browning Control Options

The most basic and necessary function of a toaster! This way you can decide the amount of crispiness you would want in your toast. Also, decide the colour from light brown to dark golden-brown, the way you love it. Carter to the varied needs of your family members. 

Crumb Tray

Bread pop-up toasters that come with a removable crumb tray are the best bread toasters. This eases your work of cleaning the toaster without patting it and leaving no residue behind. Moreover, it also maintains the food-hygiene of the toaster. 

Power Consumption

Latest models of toasters allow toasting the bread on both the sides which saves a lot of energy. Also, you can toast 2 loaves of bread at a single time. Consuming less power of energy and producing efficient results, toasters offer you tastier, crispier and crustier pieces of bread. 

The durability of the Toaster

Made from finest quality material allows your toaster to lasts for a longer period of time and withstand any kind of temperatures, unpleasant conditions and heat. 

Cool Touch Body

A durable and cool-touch body ensures that when toaster gets heated up, you can easily touch the toaster without burning your hands. It is the safest feature for protecting your children and toddlers.

Price of the Toaster

It depends on the budget you have set for buying a modern toaster! But buying the best features toaster that gives you the quality of services and has good durability adds on to its incredibility. View all the products and then select what’s best for you! 


Toasters having at least 2-years of manufacturer of warranty are an ideal pick. This saves you from shelling out extra money on its maintenance and replace your appliance in case of any damages. Most toasters also come with 1-year of warranty on the product. 


Additional Features

Cord Winder

A toaster must be well-equipped with a cord winder or cord storage space so as to keep the cord intact. When not in use, wind the cord and protect it from any cuts, breakages or accidents by keeping it safe at one place.

Automatic-shutoff feature

When your toast is ready and you are unaware of it, then this feature comes into play. The automatic-shutoff feature helps you to prevent over-toasting of the toast and evenly toast the bread as per your browning needs, on both sides.

Cancel Button

Toasters are equipped with cancel buttons to immediately stop the toasting process to prevent any kind of short circuits, fire and serious accidents. 

Setting Timer

When you cannot wait for the bread to toast, just set the timer and you can focus on your other work. It gives you control over the food you are cooking.

Reheat and Defrost Buttons

There are times when your food gets cold as you get busy. Modern toasters come with the feature of reheating the cold loaves of bread within minutes. On the other hand, the defrost option warms the defrosted bread easily and then toasting it in one go. These features make the toaster best bread toaster in India.

Hi-lift Feature

Hi-lift feature pops-up the bread extra bit so that you don’t burn your hands or fingers and enjoy your meal smilingly. 

Red Light Indicator

Not available in basic models, it is to indicate you when your loaf of bread has been toasted and is ready to eat. 

Concluding Words

Wrapping up, I will like to share my preference which is Morphy Richards AT-201. Power-packed with all the features, this appliance meets me and my family’s daily breakfast needs with ease. 

Coming with two large variable-sized slots to toast 2 loaves of bread simultaneously and 7 browning options to give wider colour, crustier and crispier setting options. Its hi-lift features help to remove extra pieces easily without leaving anything behind.

A user-friendly pop-up toaster with cool body touch and anti-skid base to prevent any accidents is ideal for Indian households. The auto-shutoff feature and cancel button allow to stop the functions of toaster abruptly to prevents any accidents. 

Not to forget, it comes with a removable bread crumb tray which is easy to remove and clean the small pieces of bread left behind. Coming with 2-years of the manufacturer warranty, this toasting appliance is ideal for households.

I hope this article has helped you select the best bread toaster in India and make an informed decision.