6 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide & Reviews

A home without a ceiling fan is just like a body without a heart! Be it a 3-room bedroom or a spacious office area, attractive and best ceiling fans in India are essential to buy. 

Be it summers or spring; an air conditioner can never reduce the humidity of the room like a fan. It has been used for centuries and has evolved so much that it can drop the temperature of the room by 7 degrees. Moreover, it cut downs the electricity expense to an extent. 

With changing times, buying a beautiful and elegant ceiling fan is a top priority. Here, I bring you a list of top 6 best ceiling fans in India which has been compiled after real-time experiments, customer’s review, and recommendations.

Yes, you can visit a store and get confused about which fan to pick for or which parameters to look for! I have shared some detailed information and essential facts as to which ceiling fan can fulfil your day-to-day requirement. 

**Note: For choosing the best model and not getting lost in hundreds of brands, don’t forget to read the buying guide at the end of the article.

6 Best Ceiling Fans in India 2020– Reviews

Relax and rejoice every moment of your life in the fresh air of this fan from Havells! A contemporary premium design which appreciates the furnishing of your home in every way.

Key Features

Powerful 68-Watt motor coupled with ergonomically designed 1200mm blades that circulates air in every corner of your room.

Metallic Paint Finish.

Decorative trims on motor cover and blades.

Has a durable body.

It comes with uniquely designed twin canopies, to help you conceal the messy electrical wings.

This fan comes in a pack of two. What else do you need other than this!

It comes with a warranty for 2-years on the product.



  • Consumes 68-Watt of power which is high as per the set standards.

2. Crompton HS Plus 48-inch Power Saver High Speed Ceiling Fan

India’s most go-to solution is buying best ceiling fans for the home to beat the heat. Crompton’s range of ceiling fans offers you the right balance of utility and aesthetics. It keeps you cool, no matter what the weather is with its adjustable speeds and style.

Key Features

 53-Watt of a powerful motor coupled with 1200mm blades that circulates air in every corner of your room.

Tried and tested model with silent performance.

Equipped with double ball bearings for effective performance.

The product has a 2-years of warranty.



  • Has thin blades making it weaker.

BLDC is Brushless Direct Current! Gorilla Efficio is equipped with BLDC motor having no mechanical brush for commutation of the windings. It is deployed with the help of smart electronics to make it the best ceiling fans for the home in a tropical country like India.

Key Features

Brushless Direct Current motor to ensure that it consumes only 28-Watt of electricity and runs at full-speed.

Delivers higher air of about 220 cubic metres per minute.

Gorilla runs 3 times longer on an inverter with an outcome of long battery life.

Comes with a smart remote control with sleep mode, boost mode, timer mode, and speed control.

Noiseless fan.

The product has 3-years of warranty.



  • A bit pricy.

4. Crompton Aura 48-inch High Speed Decorative Ceiling Fan

An extremely efficient power-packed model, it is designed without letting you compromise on either comfort or luxury. Crompton Aura has been designed to lend a premium look and feel to your room. Add a classy appeal to your home or office with this best ceiling fan in India.

Key Features

 74-Watt powerful motor coupled with 1200mm blades to circulate air in every corner of your room.

Equipped with a golden ring on motor and canopy with matching trims for an elegant design.

Attractive gold finish and elegant border blades.

In-built double ball bearings for reliable and durable functioning.

Has 3-speed settings.

Deliver higher air of about 230 cubic metres per minute.

The product comes with 2-years of warranty.



  • Plastic material is fragile.

Flaunting distinct style and remarkable performance! Luminous Dhoom offers an exceptional performance with distinction in style. Bringing high-speed, stylish and ideal ceiling fans for your homes and offices.

Key Features

70-Watt powerful motor coupled with 1200mm of blades to circulate air every corner of the room.

Delivers higher air at 220 cubic meters per minute.

Speed – 380 rpm.

It operates at a voltage of 230 volts.

Made using aluminium making it rust-free with long life and better performance.

Non-metallic hi-gloss paint finish.



  • It is a little bit of noisy product.

Havells a global brand offering innovative ceiling fans to experience the cool charge of air. Boasting an eye-catching design, introducing a dash of timeless elegance to make your ceiling look playful and elegant. Havells best ceiling fan for homes come in a pack of two – a great deal you don’t want to miss on!

Key Features

75-Watt powerful motor coupled with 1200mm blades to circulate air in every corner of the room.

Speed- 400 rpm.

Comes with double ball bearings to reduce the friction and enable smooth operation.

Equipped with twin canopies to conceal the messy electrical wiring.

Delivers higher air at 235 cubic meters per minute.

The product has 2-years of warranty.



  • A bit pricy.

Best Ceiling Fans in India – Buying Guide

A cheapest and most conventional way to increase air circulation and fight humidity in a room – be it at home or office. Best ceiling fans in India work best for every season, either summer or winters. 

In a tropical country like India, ceiling fans are must include the feature in your daily routine. The ideal ceiling fans have a high energy efficient system, stylish lights to brighten up your room as well as your mood.

The parameters you might judge while buying the best ceiling fan in India:

Energy & Power Consumption

An ideal ceiling fan must deliver great performances reducing power consumption. The fan that consumes low power saves up your hefty electricity bills. Fans are rated by The Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). The higher the rating, the higher, is its ability to save on power consumption. 

Crompton HS Plus is the best pick if one is looking for this feature. It comes with a rating of 5-star from BEE.

Size of the Room and Number of Blades

A ceiling fan generally has 2, 3, 4 or 5 blades. Size of the room matters the most. A fan with 2 to 3 blades is the perfect choice for small or medium-sized rooms. Whereas fans with 4 blades or more give an additional style statement to large-sized rooms.

Delivery of Airflow

Airflow is the amount of air that is circulated by a fan cubic meter per minute to reduce the temperature of the room. A flawless model has an airflow measurement of 4000-5000 cubic feet per minute. 

Powerful and Efficient Motor

The motor that performs powerfully as well as efficiently reduces power consumption.


It depends upon the size and type of fan you want to buy. From hundreds of brands available, it is up to you that how much amount you are willing to shell out. 


Who doesn’t love the product with a higher number of years as a warranty! When buying the best ceiling fan for your home or office, make sure you look for this feature. Take note of which parts and repairs are included in the warranty and for how many numbers of years are there. Product with a more extended warranty period and lesser exclusions. 

Complementing Looks

With the advancement in the interiors and attractive furnishings, ceiling fans that complement your house or office are the superior choice. For a contemporary finishing, you can go for models with modern designs and metallic finish. 

Remote Control Operations

Ceiling fan which comes with remote to control the operations are just classical and quintessential. These help to set-up speed settings sitting comfortably on your sofa or bed. Timer control, speed control, and more are the characteristics that one must look for.

Installation of Ceiling Fans

The shape and height of your ceiling are the deciding factors for the installation of ceiling fans. If you have a sloping roof, then you need a long drop rod to pull the fan low enough with a gap of 24 inches between the ceiling and the blades to avoid any accidents.

If you have a flat ceiling than 9 to 10 feet in height should ensure that you should never hang a ceiling fan less than 6 feet from the floor level.

Concluding Words

Ceiling fan with hanging switches and industrial inventions have come a long way. When asking my opinion, I love Gorilla Efficio Ceiling fan with BLDC motor. New technology, new advancement!

The BDLC motor is energy efficient and saves you from hefty electricity bills. It even can run three times longer on an inverter with long battery life. And when asking for remote control feature, Gorilla Efficio comes with a remote in the box. It lets you take hold of sleep mode, boost mode, timer control accompanied by speed control.

With a more extended period of warranty which is of 3-years and is a noiseless fan. It is a 5-star rated product that reduces power consumption by up to 65% and comes with improved reliability and longevity also releases extremely low heat. 

I hope this extended research has led you to make a well-informed decision for selecting the best ceiling fan in India 2020.