Best Baby Wardrobes in India 2020 – Buyer’s Guide and Reviews

While you welcome four little feet wrapped in cuteness, all you wish for her is good health and affection. Moreover, you want everything new for your baby, then why not his/her own new personal little wardrobe! We’ve got some good news – buy best baby wardrobes in India at the best prices. 

A fancier, exquisite and portable wardrobe that fits the baby’s room well. Right from storing their clothes to storing toys all at one place, the multipurpose wardrobe is what you are looking for. 

To help you shortlist an almirah for your little nugget, I have compiled the top four best baby wardrobes in India. I have written a well-researched article that lets you not only buy what’s best other customers but the product that meets your need effortlessly. 

Check out the list and ensure that you pick an ideal baby wardrobe mentioned along with all the pros and cons of the product. 

Note: With choices comes the essential features which one must not forget to look out for. So, at the end, we have mentioned a detailed buying guide to help you further select the best one.

4 Best Baby Wardrobes in India – Reviews

1. Amardeep and CO XXL Multipurpose Toy Box, Blue

A dream cabinet to help your kids organise in a better way! Segregating your kid toys, clothes, accessories, stationery items in a neat and tidy way. Relish your space and protect your kid from tumbling over the scattered toys. 

Key Features 

  • It has two compartments that bifurcate and makes it easy to store your stuff easily. 
  • Equipped with 7 jumbo and spacious trays that help in storing the stuff neatly. 
  • It comes with four wheels which is easy to push and relocate.
  • Comes with extra side pockets.
  • Adjustable height features which you can use to adjust the heights of the tray as per your requirement.



  • A bit expensive.

2. Little One’s 6 Shelves Foldable Wardrobe/Toy Box, Aquatic Blue

Keep the environment around your children clean and hygienic by keeping all things at one place. Beautiful, well-stitched fabric almirah for kids with enhanced safety and perfection. 

Key Features

  • Foldable wardrobe which is easy to assemble and disassemble.
  • Compact to store as it has six shelves that allow you enough room to organise everything.
  • This baby wardrobe is powered with steel which is of high quality and gives a tough look to the wardrobe. 
  • There are no sharp edges and cracks so as to protect your baby from any accidents.
  • Equipped with four swivel wheels that allow easy 360 degrees movement. 
  • Comes with extra side pockets for extended storage of things.



  • No option to select your favourite design.

3. R.K. International 8 Door Plastic Sheet Wardrobe Storage Rack Closet Organiser for Kids Living Room Bedroom Small Accessories

Portable closet storage cabinet cube organiser can add style and storage to any room. Ideal for your living room, drawing room or bedroom, best baby wardrobe in India declutters any space. Create your own storage solutions in an easy way!

Key Features

  • R.K. International baby wardrobe is made of plastic sheet which is supported by steel frames and ABS connectors.
  • Each sheet measures about 35*35 cm giving you enough space for storage.
  • Make sure that all grids reach deep into the slots of connectors during assembly, until you hear the ‘click’ sound. 
  • Two parts of cabinet are divided in two different doors.
  • Equipped with 6 spacious cabinets.
  • Each cube supports up to 10kgs of weight.



  • A bit expensive.

4. Maison & Cuisine 6+2 Layer Fancy and Portable Foldable Collapsible Closet/Cabinet, Wine Red

Maison’s portable wardrobe is the best baby wardrobe in India with spacious cabins for effortless storage. It is an ideal pick for the ones who love organised living. 

Key Features

  • It comes in dimensions 45*130*175cm to provide you with a large and long-term storage facility.
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble which comes with installation instructions.
  • Crafted from selected fabric that is easy to wash and handle.
  • Made from quality steel tube and PP Plastic Connectors making it strong to use.
  • With moveable clothes hanging rod and 8 storage shelves offers you space for longer and foldable outfits. 



  • Is bulky to carry

Best Baby Wardrobes in India 2020 – Buying Guide

Whenever buying a product, looking at the price of its products is not enough, features are also undoubtedly the most essential. 

Invest your money in best baby wardrobes after looking out for the following features in the above listed products:

Number of Doors

More number of drawers, doors, cabins are always welcome! These make the best baby wardrobe spacious enough to store and organise the things in a proper way. A single, double or multi-door wardrobe differ in storing space. More the number of doors more is space available for hanging clothes or keeping the foldable ones. 

Two or multi-door wardrobes can also act as your dressing table eliminating the need to install one separately! 

Cabinets & Fabric of the Wardrobe

The best baby wardrobe is the one which has at least 6 to 8 number of cabinets that eases out your storing space. You can easily organise all the clothes, toys, accessories, stationery and other things of your baby at one place. This way you can also keep the room neat and hygienic. Cabins allowing you to hang as well as keep foldable clothes is an add-on.

The fabric used to stitch the wardrobe should be of A-grade quality and easily washable. Not easy to tear and durable enough which makes the wardrobe light in weight. Also, it gives the foldable feature to the wardrobes. 

Strength and Style of Product

Talking about the build, the strength of a wardrobe, the ones that are powder-coated with steel are durable and strong. It also depends upon the type of material the baby wardrobe is made out of. From plywood, metal, particleboard or fibreboard, it all adds up in deciding the quality, strength and price of the product. 

The most common contemporary style wardrobes are the ones made out of metal! Metal is strong and can withstand any kind of weather and temperature. It also lasts for a longer period of time. 

Now moving up to the style, then looks are the second most essential thing to look for. A wardrobe should be attractive with cool in-trend colours and prints that make a style statement.

Modern wardrobes are the best! Divided into cabins and safe to install, tick right away the modern wardrobes!

Moveable or Fitted

Baby wardrobes generally are equipped with four wheels which makes the 360-degree movement from one room to another, effortless. Although, many times people tend to go for fitted ones to avoid any accidents! Pick the one that fits your choice in the right way. 


Best wardrobes are not only spacious and provide long-term space for use but also take less space in the room. They organise and declutter your baby’s room in the most amazing ways. Therefore, whenever you are about to buy a baby wardrobe make sure you measure the dimensions of your kid’s room and then accordingly make a choice. 

Mirror Frames

Mirrors make a wardrobe more usable and convenient! How? Firstly, they add to the beauty of the product and secondly, as you stand in front of it, you automatically feel good. And lastly, you don’t need any dressing table in your kid’s room. 


Wardrobes are bought for a longer period of time, so therefore pricing matters the most. Price of the product depends upon the quality of material and sturdiness of the wardrobe. Therefore, one must buy the wardrobe which is durable and strong enough built using A-grade quality washable fabric. Your one-time investment should be worth it!

Concluding Words

With the best and modern design, R.K. International 8 door plastic sheet is the best pick! For my baby girl, R.K. International compliments her bedroom so well. I also feel that she loves the modern, stylish and contemporary design of the wardrobe.

I can easily disassemble the racks and take them to store anywhere in case it becomes too difficult to carry the whole wardrobe. This two door wardrobe can easily store up to 10kgs of weight in each cube which is supported by a steel frame and ABS connectors. 

I hope this article has helped you pick the best baby wardrobe in India with incredible features that fits your requirement well.